If your condo, coop, apartment building, or commercial office building was built before 1978, there is a good chance that it has lead-based paint. Often you won’t even know that you have lead-based paint until you begin a remodeling project. Lead paint exposure is a well-documented health hazard, particularly for its harmful affects on children.

Since 1963, Strongwater Group Services has offered comprehensive lead paint removal and abatement services.




We are a full service lead paint removal and abatement company providing:

  • Lead-based paint removal
  • Lead-based paint removal estimates
  • Lead-based paint appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony

Strongwater Group Services can address your lead paint problems

Lead paint can be found on many building surfaces, including: windowsills, doors, doorframes, stairs, railings and banisters. Lead from paint and lead-contaminated dust is one of the most common causes of lead poisoning. Special care must be taken during the lead paint removal process to prevent the spread of lead-contaminated dust.

During the abatement process, our team of trained and certified specialists will completely remove the lead-based paint. We will partition off the work area and provide HEPA ventilation to control the possible spread of any dust. Strongwater Group Services is committed to eliminating your lead paint problem safely, effectively and efficiently.

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