If you have any type of water damage, or an ongoing moisture problem, you may have a mold problem as well. Common causes of moisture problems include: roof leaks, condensation, plumbing failures, and slow leaks in plumbing systems. Mold can grow on just about any type of building surface, including: sheetrock, wood, carpet, linoleum, and window treatments.

Strongwater Group Services offers comprehensive mold removal and remediation services to address your needs, from insurance claim resolution to remediation and reconstruction of the affected areas.



We are a full service mold removal and remediation company providing:

  • Mold removal
  • Demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Complete rebuilding and restoration of your damaged property
  • Mold damage estimates
  • Mold damage appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony

Strongwater Group Services will carefully address your mold problems

Mold growth can begin within 48 hours after a high level of moisture content has been achieved. It can go undetected for months or even years and lead to allergic reactions, asthma, and other respiratory complaints. Left alone, mold can spread, as the spores become airborne and move to new areas. Special care must be taken during the mold removal, cleaning, and remediation process to prevent the unintentional spread of mold spores.

During the cleanup process, our team of trained and certified mold removal specialists will completely remove the mold and properly dispose of all moldy building materials. We will partition off the work area and provide HEPA ventilation to control the possible spread of mold spores. We will clean all affected surfaces with disinfectant and thoroughly dry them, so that the mold no longer has a hospitable environment for growth. We will also help you identify the source of the moisture, so that the mold won’t return. Strongwater Group Services is committed to eliminating your mold problem safely, effectively and efficiently.

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