Our Projects

We specialize in condos, co-ops, apartment buildings, commercial office buildings and retail spaces. Exterior work, floods, fires, hurricane damage, restoring kitchens, bathrooms and even complete buildings – the Strongwater Group does it all! No job is too big or too small.

Check out some of our recent projects below:

Property in Yonkers. Entire building loss due to a fire.
Large property in Westchester where Strongwater Group performed restoration work.
One of several apartments in a building on 1st Ave which were remediated and reconstructed by the Strongwater Group due to a Glycol Leak.
One of 33 apartments at a property in Brooklyn that received water damage due to a sprinkler head malfunction. All apartments were remediated and reconstructed by the Strongwater Group.
Complete building loss due to a fire in Yonkers; 60 apartments being restored, roof, boiler & elevators being replaced.
Property in Queens had damage due to water. Kitchen was reconstructed and water damage repaired.
Water Damage to several apartments on 33rd Street. Kitchen area restored.
Yonkers Building new roof in progress due to a fire loss.
Lower East Side Property lost power due to a fire. Strongwater Group provided a generator & got the entire 135-unit property up and running again.
Repairs and remediation in progress at a job site in Queens.
2nd Avenue remediation and reconstruction after a water loss.
2nd Ave remediation and reconstruction after a water loss
Our losses range in severity. We stand by our clients and help them get the job done and restore their homes.
The Strongwater Group Mitigation Team working hard at a water loss with our state of the art equipment.