Strongwater Group Services provides water removal and water damage remediation and restoration services for condos, coops, apartment buildings, commercial office buildings and retail spaces throughout the Fairfield County, Westchester, and New York City area. Our state-of-the art extraction and drying equipment can take care of even the largest jobs.

We are a full-service water damage restoration company providing:

  • Emergency water extraction
  • Structural drying services
  • HEPA water vacuuming
  • Demolition
  • Debris removal
  • Complete rebuilding and restoration of your damaged property
  • Water damage estimates
  • Water damage appraisals
  • Expert witness testimony

Strongwater Group Services will swiftly address your water damage issues

Quickly removing any standing water and then expertly cleaning a property that has been affected by water intrusion is critical for minimizing property damage. Any amount of standing water can quickly ruin carpets, walls, furniture and electrical equipment, such as computers and appliances. Wet surfaces are also prime incubators for mold, which can cause subsequent health issues for building occupants.

The ability to minimize your water damage largely depends on the speed with which your building and property are dried out. To alleviate the possibility of mold growth, it is important to remove any standing water and begin drying all water damaged areas within 24-48 hours. Your Strongwater Group Services team of trained and certified water damage specialists will quickly and effectively address your issues.

Contact us today to speak with one of our highly knowledgeable senior team members about your water removal and water damage restoration needs. We are available 24/7. Call: 718-357-9191.

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